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Classic Chair

Service Solutions: Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) & Google Search Ads (SEM)


Classic Chair System Sdn Bhd provides a one stop office furniture solution and continuously strives to research and develop the most innovative office seating furniture. With more than 30 years of chair manufacturing and exporting experiences in the furniture industry, they are one of the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of high quality modern office furniture.


The traditional way of getting sales is to hire a salesperson and provide them with commissions to motivate them to close as many sales as possible for the company. But dealing with humans always creates uncertainty issues which cause more losses rather than benefits. The ROI of investing in a sales person isn’t always in one on one or more ratio, often is less than that, most of the time it isn’t because of the product of the company but the people who caused unnecessary problems.


Pull marketing helps companies to be able to present to their potential customers in the right time and right place. By understanding the nature of the business and the source of customer behavior, Classic Chair’s potential customers and clients from all over the world seek office furniture via referral and search engine (mainly Google). Bravo Net Solution makes it possible for their website to appear in the first page of Google search result (SERP) whenever potential keywords have been searched related to their website. By optimisation their organic search strategies and Google ads along we manage to help the company to reduce cost in sales person hiring and increase in sales enquiry by five fold with even lesser cost.