How to keep oneself focus on working desk?

I once heard from a speaker who is one of the founder of a business training school, he said he will do the tasks that need to be done on that day or the particular event, that’s the purpose of the day right? Which i found out it’s true. We failed to achieve something on time, most of the time we should blame the execution. We delay & procrastinating our tasks whether it’s a daily one or monthly goal. Why we failed to meet your timeline? Aside from our laziness, we always interrupted by others (gadgets, temptation, use to it behavior, human, animal, etc).

1. Don’t open multiple tabs in your browser.
To be precise, use one browser and open the softwares that you need only. Don’t open more than 5 tabs in your browser. It will speed up your laptop performance and reduce the distraction.

2. Write down a to do list for the day and split into small checklist for each tasks.
To keep oneself is in the progress of the task, record down all the tiny sub tasks and progress of the big task all the time. Keep track the task to make sure it has completed and ok to rub off. The small checklist is particularly help you to keep track on multiple tasks (often, our tasks depend on other parties as well, while waiting for others, we can continuously work on the second task).

3. Temporarily stop incoming messages and calls.
Do you realise we only use Skype and email as our main business communication with your colleagues or clients in the earlier days. Today is different, communication messages are increasing, but email usage is getting lesser. Today we’ve Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Slack (or others workplace app), Gtalks, tons of options and most of the time we will need to use different apps to speak to different parties (no centralise… fuck!). This is a great disturbance in our workplace. For each message you reply, you have wasted 2 – 5 minute and most important, it will break you from what you are doing. Put your phone in silent mode for few hours or better leave it aside away from your sight. Close your web enabled messaging app or change the status to busy. Reply to them on certain time (refer to Tim Ferriss’s 4 hour workweek book’s email management), and just focus to reply them on those particular hours.

4. Logout from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Admit it. All of us have the habit to peek on our social media especially when your phone start notify you someone else just mentioned you in a social media post. If you want to stop looking at your social media stuffs while working, the best way is to logout. Did you realised the social media interface design is very magnetize, you will unconsciously keep scrolling your app, the content is getting more and more interesting. Yes, you has been hooked (interested to know more how’s a app make you keep sticking on it? You can look on this book – Hooked by Nir Eyal Ouch! You felt into the trap, again you are far abit away from your goal.

5. Stop meeting people within that hour.
This is straightforward. No explain needed. Put a big “NO DISTURB” sign on your working desk. Put on earphone (with or without music) so that they won’t keep talking to you.

6. You need a good environment.
Work in a place with minimal crowd. This is always help you from being distracted by voices and beautiful girls and handsome guys around you (always remember the important rule, focus on your purpose of the day). If your work needs the internet, please make sure you have a good internet connection. If your internet down, you will always have an excuse to rest (in fact you don’t need it).