Having an analytic tracking is vital for your website. Unfortunately, most of the companies don’t give a shit about their analytic reports. Not surprising why web analytics reports wasn’t that important for them, there are reasons behind,

  1. They didn’t realised that there is a free tracking tools call “Google Analytics”, some of them don’t even aware that they can track all the incoming traffics to their website. Part of the blame should put on their web developer who didn’t educate them properly.
  2. The don’t see website as an important channel to bring in sales. Most of the SME owners have the perception that website is just another branding for them. It’s good for them to have a website so that they will looks professional. The fact is, website can be a real sales machine if they know how to harness the internet marketing.
  3. Google Analytics (GA) can be very complicated. GA has been evolved and improved a lot with tons of new features. New features comes with complex UI which will be a challenge for beginner to pick up and extract the useful data in the report.
  4. Lack of education. To be fair, a lot of GA tutorials (regardless video or text) are very technical. To digest you might need to watch the video or read the passage few times. But who the hell is going to spend that much of time to read or watch it if they are not in our industry?

If you have a website, and you are interested in turning your website into a power sales machine, you should at least start read the analytics reports. Below are some of the tracking tools that you can use for your website,

Google Analytics – https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web

Hotjar – https://www.hotjar.com/ (personal recommendation)

KissMetrics – https://www.kissmetrics.com/

Open Web Analytic – http://www.openwebanalytics.com/

At least for digital agency like us, the main purpose of the analytics report is to improve the entire website’s UX. Our goal is to make sure that clients’ website able to meets its goal (purchase, enquiry, sign up, etc) and with tracking analytics we are able to gather the data and improve our internet marketing strategies accordingly and effectively.