You will see the interesting phenomena in the social media where your friends started to post motivation quotes (especially from Jack Ma), sharing positive vibes, posting entrepreneur videos (not article, i will let you know why later), posting selfie photos when attending some seminars and selfie photos with successful entrepreneurs. Their posts usually come with tons of #hashtags (#entrepreneur #jackma #hustle etc). Usually these postings tend to get a lot of engagement from their friends with all those positive comments & emoji, the more engagement they have, the higher satisfaction they get from their social media. 

Somehow these so-called “entrepreneurs” don’t realise that the purpose of starting off a business has been wronged so much until they are lacking confidence subconsciously and need the aid of social media to boost their ego. Some would think that the more posting they’ve done, the more #hashtag they have mentioned, the nearer for them towards successful and most of them are just low self esteem in their current situation.

I’ve seen too many of these kinds of “entrepreneurs” bragging with their businesses and “managing” their personal social media but doing so less on their actual business and i realise that there are several similar tread about these people. 


  1. Most of them are working in the service line for example property agents, insurance agents, multi level marketing, etc.
  2. They are very active on social media regardless of facebook or IG or any other platform that allows them to tell the world they are very cool in its entrepreneur journey.
  3. They have less technical knowledge. 
  4. They don’t read, they watch.
  5. Talk more than action, and often react slows. 

All of us started entrepreneurship with different purposes, those that are successful, they are people who really those that talk less and work more. The successful ones understand that the path to achieve the goals is not posting or bragging how successfully or how cool they are in their entrepreneur journey but is to really workout and provide solid and sincere service to their customers or clients. 


If your business model is making yourself as a KOL or influencer in social media, feel free to do so, or else your bank account will not increase no matter how much bragging, motivation, seminars, photos posts and hashtags you have in your social media. 


Ask yourself sincerely, do you think you can make it if you are doing other things but not working really hard on what you should do for your own business? By the end of the day we will know who are the real entrepreneur and who are just jokers.