What happens if you deleted the images or videos from your Instagram post? Our first response is that the photos or videos will be gone forever. But is it so? 

We’ve personally deleted some of our Instagram photos via the web version. Surprisingly the images and videos are still able to retrieve it via the permanent link. 


According to the Facebook privacy policies, our photos and videos will be permanently deleted from the server if we delete our account. But it didn’t state clearly that the photos or videos will be deleted from the server too if we deleted our post. 





Other reports we’ve found by some of the communities




We’ve doubt and lost faith with all these tech giant companies which if they will hold their integrity when it comes to privacy policies? Even the claim that the photos or videos will be deleted after some time but will it be just archiving into another server? We yet to know. 


But one thing we can be sure of is that  when it’s uploaded to the internet, it will be hard to vanish forever.